Här kommer Rölli!

Our new Australian terrier boy from Stockholm!
Ålhammarens Åliver "Rölli" is 6 weeks old in the picture.

Tack så mycket, Bodil! :)


Welcome Milla!

Our new Netherland Dwarf female Satun Camilla.
Milla is chestnut coloured.

Dam is orange and sire is blue eyed white.

The sire is bred by me:
Anemone's Kuuraparta "Luka"
94 points + Honorary Award + BIS3!

Will be used in both orange and BEW breeding.

Vaasa INT Dog Show 17.-18.4.2010

Anemoneniityn Alppitähti "Dina":
Our placed Australian terrier girl with her bad coat!!!
Excellent, the Best Junior Bitch, 3rd Best Bitch!
Judged by Tiina Taulos, Finland.
Owned by Päivi Koski, Katriina & Leena Hautala

Moves upstanding, ears well set and big. Good expression. Correct body proportions. Quite good forelegs. Shoulders could be more sloping. Good tail, moves upstanding. Color could be cleaner and texture more coarse. Well handled.

Anemoneniityn A-aussies

Anemoneniityn A-aussies


P-litter 7 years old!

Our first litter of German shepherd dogs born 7 years ago!

Happy birthday
Pinja, Pami, Ronja, Mandi, Pomo & Mare!
Riki is in our memories!

Here is Pinja.


A-litter 6 years old!

Our second litter of GSDs!

Happy birthday
Atsa, Nemo, Hermanni, Kaapo, Akaasia & Aprikoosi!

We also remember Bella killed by bloat 26.4.08

Here is Atsa!