Hairy Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!

With Adalmiina the cavy and Lilja the aussie. ;) Lilja is our newest member of the family and the pack of Australian terriers. ;) She's Anemoneniityn Daurian Lily and her pedigree is here.


Int Show Vaasa 9-10.4.2011

German Shepherds:
  • Judged by Anita Alatalo FIN 
  • Nata (Anemoneniityn Idän Sinililja)
  • Placed to and handled by Marissa Innanen
  • Junior class, Good
Marissa and Nata is the first couple in the line. There is only half of the junior bitches!

  • Australian Terriers 
  • Judged by Rainer Vuorinen FIN
  • Dina (Anemoneniityn Alppitähti, placed to and handled by Päivi Koski) intermediate class Excellent1
  • Ruska (Nemma's Zero Nine, handled by me) junior class Excellent1!!!!!
  • Rölli (Ålhammarens Åliver, handle by Marissa Innanen) junior class Excellent4

 Young dog with beautifull outline. Good head length. Excellent dark eyes. Good small ears. Beautifull topline. Good texture coming. Cheery behavior. Moves well but still little loose in fore legs.



    Roosa's first clean run in agility!

    The competition was 12.5.2011 in Lapua. We had 3 courses. One of them was a clean run!!!! It was Roosa's first. :)

    Kata & Roosa on the 2nd place!!!
    We also had one course with weave pole fault but without any time fault. :) And one course with TWO weave pole faults, a runout and 4,43 seconds time fault.

    You can view videos and course map drawings on my blog in Finnish.


    Happy Mother's Day!

    Leena, Della, Timi and Varpu (soon to be a mother!!!) in the picture.


    Greetings from our little Easter bunnies!

    The proud parents of these blue eyed white Netherland Dwarfs are my Swedish Import Norman's Balder (95) and Anemone's Jasmiini (92), who is by the way a fuchs-carrier. The other one of these very promising bunnies is available.


    Agility 6.3.11

    Timi got awarded today in Ylistaro agility competition! He was the 2nd best mini dog in Intermediate level. It was not a clean run but there were only two dogs on the class who earned the qualifying score. Timi missed two contacts and dropped a bar, but our time fault was only 0,10 seconds.

    This is the course:
    On this course we got disqualifyid for completing the tunnel (9) incorrectly:
    Roosa competed the Novice levels but we didn't have experience enough to earn qualifyind scores.
    The courses for Masters:



    Varpu 3.2. - 2 years old!
    Roosa 10.2. - 6 years old!
    Rölli 23.2. - 1 year old!

    We just can't believe Roosa is already 6 years old! And in April, Timi will turn 7, Pinja 8 and Della 11!! One of cats, Simba, has already turned 11, and the other, Miska, will turn the same by the spring.