Vaasa International 27.4.2014

Judge: Delmar Cathy, Ireland

FI CH Nemma's Zero Nine "Ruska" Excellent, CQ, Champion Class 3
 I would like a bit more length of foreface. Size of eye is good. Nice ears. Good forechest. Bone (?) is good. Wide front. Elbows could be tighter. Shape of rib is good. Solid loin. Good coat texture. Tailset is good. Does not carry his tail. Like bit more hindquarters. On move carries his tail well.

While supposed to show himself, Ruska was all like "Well helllllllo there, pretty girl!" ;)

Anemoneniityn Daurian Lily "Lilja" Excellent, Intermediate Class 4
Really nice head. Would like little bit longer. Very narrow front. Quite good layback of shoulder. Shape of rib is good. Like a little bit deeper. Exc. topline. Good strong loin. Like little more developed hindquarters. Moves quite well.
Lilja behaved herself. :)


Winners of 2013

FI CH Nemma's Zero Nine "Ruska" and Somehow She's Howgirl "Roosa", the parents of our E-litter by the way! :D
Somehow She's Howgirl "Roosa"
  • Australian Terrier Club Of Finland placed her the 3rd in the Best Agility Aussie Competition.
  • Our local kennel club rewarded her as "The best agility dog of the year"! 
  • Our local agility club rewarded her:
    • with the agility challenge cup "The best mini of the year". Roosa was rewarded with this also last year. 
    • 2nd for the other agility challenge cup "The best terrier of the year"!
FI CH Nemma's Zero Nine "Ruska"
  • was rewarded by our local kennel club for getting his champion title and as "The 2nd best show dog of the year". :)
  • was placed 18 in the Best Show Aussie Competition with 8 shows.

RIP BH TruOzzy's Quicotic Regal "Timi"
Before BH TruOzzy's Quicotic Regal "Timi" passed away, he was rewarded by the Australian Terrier Club Of Finland with 1st Quality Diploma in Obedience. He was placed the 8th in the Best Obedience Aussie Competition. We miss him everyday!

BH Anemoneniityn Coconut "Siru"
BH Anemoneniityn Coconut "Siru"
  • Australian Terrier Club Of Finland rewarded her, too, with the 1st Quality Diploma in Obedience. She was placed the 5th in the best Obedience Aussie competition.
  • Their local club rewarded Siru and her co-owner Kirsi Kjäll:
    • for the title BH (BH-test / Begleithund examination)
    • as the new actives
    • 5th best working dog
    • 3rd best beginner
    • 12th best in obedience
  • Our local kennel club rewarded Siru:
    • 2nd best working dog (for the title BH)


Happy Easter!

There's our 3 cats Miska, Lumi and Sade, and our French Lop rabbit Fanny.