1.12.2013 German Shepherd Dog, working
3 sable boys, 1 sable girl
  • dam: Black Grouse Chita "Isla" 0/0 A/A, MH, mental test184p, show: excellent3
    • sire : Matze Von Der Schiffslache A/A 0/0, very good, BH, mental test 183
    • dam : Willenskraft Gini C/B 0/0 BH

27.12.2013 Australian Terrier
4 blue&tan boys, 2 blue&tan girls
  • sire: Ålhammarens Åliver "Rölli"
    eyes : OK (11/13), patellas 0/0
  • show: excellent, BOB-puppy
    • sire: S & AM CH Brinogue Red Hot And Blue, alhammarens.seVåra hundar → Hanar
    • dam : Ålhammarens Udda, alhammarens.se →  Våra hundar → Tikar



×Updates to the post: I'll use this for short news, the longer novels will still appear in the Finnish blog. You can read the highlights here. Let's see how this works. :)×

After all, it seems I don't update this blog often enough. :P But there's a new feature in Blogger: you can add Translate-button to your blog! :) Yes, it is Google Translator, but I just tested it and it seems to be quite reasonable. So, be brave and welcome to my Finnish blog and translate it to any language available. ;)

Here's a banner with Finnish texts... It asks you to share the Christmas spirit by clicking the banner, which leads you to the Facebook page of Mush Barf food for dogs and cats. Like the page and they will donate food for a homeless pet for each like. :)

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