Australian terrier Anemoneniityn Auringonkukka aka Nuppu had her health check 28.10. The results were patellas 0/0 and eyes clean. 

German shepherd Anemoneniityn Dusty Rose aka Dusty had character test 26.9. with the result 158 points!

Capacity to function +1=15p Moderate
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +3=3p Moderate without any post-attack aggressiveness
Desire for defence action +2= 2p High, controlled
Desire for fight +2=20p Moderate
Nerves +1=35p Tendency to nervousness
Temperament +3=45p High
Hardness +1=8p Tendency to softness
Accessibility +2b=30p Tendence to reserved behaviour
Reaction to shots +++ Secure to shots


27.11.2010 Puppy show Tampere

Nata 6 months, photo Marissa Innanen
Our placed German Shepherd girl Anemoneniityn Idän Sinililja aka Nata won the class for the older female puppies. Judged by Jaana Harjus.
"Large, well behaving young bitch. Medium strong boning, very well shaped head. Quite narrow body thoroughly. Correct pacing lenght. Narrow front and behind."
There will be better translation later, I hope. ;)


Judging Match Show + Hamster imports

We had a very nice day 5.12 judging unofficial Match Show in Kauhajoki!
The same day our Swedish import hamsters from Mapilamis Hamstery arrived. They are long haired satin dark eared white sister and brother. Tack så mycket Annica, Marica & Maggan!

Unofficial agility competition 2.12.2010

Timi won the competition in the class for experienced agility dogs!!!!
Varpu was the 3rd best in the class for super-beginners!


International dog show in Seinäjoki

23.10. INT SEINÄJOKI FCI 1,3,5,6,8. Aussies Maja Korošec, Slovenia. German shepherds Thord Byström, Sweden. Homepage of the show
~> Varpu, Rölli, Dina, Siina

Siina, Rölli ja Varpu at home.

Ålhammarens Åliver "Rölli" owned by Katriina & Leena Hautala
Excellent type, nice outline. Good head & expression. Excellent front, topline & angulation. Good tailset and carriage. Moves correctly. Show himself very nicely.
Rölli likes to show himself! :D

Anemoneniityn Alppitähti "Dina" owned by the breeders & Päivi Koski
Typical young bitch with a very nice outline. Lively temperament. Good head & expression. Good topline. Well-angulated. Enoughly strongly made. Good tailset & carriage.
Dina handled by Päivi

Anemoneniityn Akaasiankukka "Siina" owned by Marja-Leena Salmi
Nice, typical young bitch. Well-prop. body. Nice, feminine expression. Good front, well-angulated. Good tailset & carriage. Moves nicely. Bad coat quality.
Siina looks so much like her father!
Black Back Bananarama "Varpu" owned by Katriina & Leena Hautala
Nice, typical bitch. A bit high on legs. Nice, feminine head with good expression. Well-angulated. Good topline & tailset. Excellent movements. Nicely shown.
It's hard to recognize this dog to our wild little Varpu! :)

Rest of the pictures:

Rölli was first of our dogs to be judged.
So exciting!
The othe puppy in the class was Terriway Replay Level, related to our Timi and Roosa.
Rölli and Terriway Replay Level on the background.
Rölli is easy to show!
Rewards taken.
Sooo handsome!
Siina is for the first time in the ring!
So shy but such a good dog! :)
Siina decided to let people do all the thinking and do what they want.
Siina was so excited that she could barely walk! :D
Wohwelin Mannu Diida on the background, 3rd in the class.
Dina's butt on the background.
Siina is showing herself very bashfully. Dina is trying to play with the dog next to her.

Dina and Päivi!
Dina is much more experienced than her sister.
Varpu was the first bitch in the intermediate class.
On the background from left to right: Juhani & Chiliberry's Angelica, Marjo & Bluepeppers Fox-Berry, Maiju? & Terriway Hot Or What, Anne & Truozzy's Black Cat Blues who is the niece of Timi and the cousin of Roosa and Varpu.
Varpu was the 4th on the class and her cousin was the 5th.
It was the first EXCELLENT for Varpu! :)
Siina is playing coy. ;)


Cavy Show in Rauma 16.10.2010

I had 3 cavy sows with me there: UK import Sue's Peppi, Anemone's Daniela and Anemone's Emily, all nonself d.e.golden roans.
Peppi got her 3rd Finnish certificate and finally finished her Finnish Championship title in veteran class! She will also be a Swedish Champion because she already has 1 Swedish certificate.

Daniela got her first certificate and won her niece Emily in open class! That really was a surprise because Emily is much bigger than her aunt. Daniela and Emily also competed together in breeding classes and pet pair classes.

Sue's Peppi:

Judge: Carol Sharp, UK
Body and type: really good weight for its age, excellent head, shoulder
Ears: excellent
Eyes: excellent
Coat texture: well groomed
Colour: nice top
Markings: lovely belly
Condition: excellent for its age
1/1 + certificate

Judge: Emma Sharp, UK
Body and type: good weight, good head
Ears: good
Eyes: fair
Coat texture: well groomed
Colour: fair
Markings: good
Condition: fair

Anemone's Daniela:

Judge: Carol Sharp, UK
Body and type: very good shoulder, excellent head
Ears: excellent
Eyes: excellent
Coat texture: very well groomed
Colour: nice under color
Markings: very nice markings, lovely belly
Condition: excellent condition
1/2 + certificate

Judge: Emma Sharp, UK
Body and type: fair weight, nice head
Ears: nice
Coat texture: well groomed
Colour: good
Markings: good
Condition: good

Anemone's Emily:

Judge: Carol Sharp, UK
Body and type: excellent head, shoulders
Ears: excellent
Eyes: excellent
Coat texture: lovely silky, very well groomed
Colour: fair belly
Markings: good top, nice under, fairly levelled
Condition: really good weight

Judge: Emma Sharp, UK
Body and type: good weight, nice head
Ears: good
Eyes: good
Coat texture: well groomed
Colour: fair
Markings: patchy markings
Condition: good


Breeding name for hamsters in Finland

Freely translated from the Finnish Hamster Assiociation's breeding name rules. ;) I was asked about them and decided to put it here so it can help others, too. Feel free to report any translation errors and help me to give information for the people who don't speak Finnish!
When I say "breeder" here, I mean the person who applies for a breeding name.
Pattern (teckning) = banded, dominant spot, tortoise shell etc...Breed = long haired, short haired, satin, rex
Species = syrian, campbells, winter white, roborovski and chinese
((Things told between double brackets like this are just my own thoughts!))

As a breeder you must...

* be 18 years old. Younger breeder with a good explanation.
* own at least 2 females and 1 male for each species and breed.
* be familiar with the species you breed.
* know the genetics of the colours, patterns and breeds you breed.
* must have created at least a base for your breeding work.
* plus the criterion below.

*) exceptions rex and satin:
- only 2 breeding animals must be rex or rex-carrier.
- only one animal must be a satin.
- in campbells, at least 2 must be satin or satin carrier.

You have to know at least these things about your species

* charateristics of the species (character, sociality, anatomy/structure, appearance/looks etc.)
* how to take care (how much space it needs, how to feed, take care of its nails and teeth etc.)
* sexing both at 4 weeks old and adult
* requests about breeding a litter, taking care of the litter and the mother
* the most common illnesses and nursing them (like cancer, "cage paralysis", parasites etc.)
* how to react in different situations like illness and accident
* the standard

Report of the breeding animals

* At least 3 of each species must be registrated in the SHY breeding hamster register. ((I guess it means they have to have L1 = Quality 1 from an exhibition show))
* All of the breeding hamsters must be at the breeding age
* Their colours and patterns must fit to each other, the "basic colours" should be the same if possible. ((I mean with the basic colour: like black is the basic colour of black tort&white, black banded, black dom. spot)) If you apply for several colours/patterns, you must own at least one couple with the same basic colour for each colour you breed. ((You can add them to the list easily later, so all the colours and patterns won't have to applied for at the beginning.)) Also the other breeding animals must be suitable for breeding the colour. In this requirement, SHY will pay attention to breeding of tortoiseshell and tort&white. ((Like black tort&white and yellow should fit!))

Report of your breeding work. As a breeder you must...

* explain consensually the inheritance of the colours and breeds you breed
* tell about your earlier breeding history and show results
* explain your breeging goals
* explain consensually how you are going to use the animals you have now to get closer to your goals.
* tell how your animals live.


The breeder who gets the breeding name, has already done some breeding, at least a base for her own breeding work.

It's recommendable, that as a breeder you inform the breeder list keeper about your breeding pause, so that the list will always be up to date.

We won't accept the breeding name that has been used public without a good reason.

Maintaining the breeding name

Pay the membership fee every year by the deadline. The deadline is told in the bill included to Poskipussi magazine.


Eye and patella results

4 Aussies from our A-litter got their perfect health results 19.8.2010!


Pet Show results from Torak

Erämaan Salaisuus "Torak"
Syrian hamster: short haired cinnamon banded male
owned by Sharon & Paula Garnett, bred by me

Vaasa 10.10-09
"BOB"5, Very Good

Haapajärvi 27.2-10
the Judges Favourite, "the Cutest Syrian", Very Good


Här kommer Rölli!

Our new Australian terrier boy from Stockholm!
Ålhammarens Åliver "Rölli" is 6 weeks old in the picture.

Tack så mycket, Bodil! :)


Welcome Milla!

Our new Netherland Dwarf female Satun Camilla.
Milla is chestnut coloured.

Dam is orange and sire is blue eyed white.

The sire is bred by me:
Anemone's Kuuraparta "Luka"
94 points + Honorary Award + BIS3!

Will be used in both orange and BEW breeding.

Vaasa INT Dog Show 17.-18.4.2010

Anemoneniityn Alppitähti "Dina":
Our placed Australian terrier girl with her bad coat!!!
Excellent, the Best Junior Bitch, 3rd Best Bitch!
Judged by Tiina Taulos, Finland.
Owned by Päivi Koski, Katriina & Leena Hautala

Moves upstanding, ears well set and big. Good expression. Correct body proportions. Quite good forelegs. Shoulders could be more sloping. Good tail, moves upstanding. Color could be cleaner and texture more coarse. Well handled.

Anemoneniityn A-aussies

Anemoneniityn A-aussies


P-litter 7 years old!

Our first litter of German shepherd dogs born 7 years ago!

Happy birthday
Pinja, Pami, Ronja, Mandi, Pomo & Mare!
Riki is in our memories!

Here is Pinja.


A-litter 6 years old!

Our second litter of GSDs!

Happy birthday
Atsa, Nemo, Hermanni, Kaapo, Akaasia & Aprikoosi!

We also remember Bella killed by bloat 26.4.08

Here is Atsa!