1.12.2013 German Shepherd Dog, working
3 sable boys, 1 sable girl
  • dam: Black Grouse Chita "Isla" 0/0 A/A, MH, mental test184p, show: excellent3
    • sire : Matze Von Der Schiffslache A/A 0/0, very good, BH, mental test 183
    • dam : Willenskraft Gini C/B 0/0 BH

27.12.2013 Australian Terrier
4 blue&tan boys, 2 blue&tan girls
  • sire: Ålhammarens Åliver "Rölli"
    eyes : OK (11/13), patellas 0/0
  • show: excellent, BOB-puppy
    • sire: S & AM CH Brinogue Red Hot And Blue, alhammarens.seVåra hundar → Hanar
    • dam : Ålhammarens Udda, alhammarens.se →  Våra hundar → Tikar



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RIP Della

Our beloved Della left to the rainbow bridge at the age of 13 years.
Although she had been healthy all her life, she had got in poor shape by the winter.
She left us happily and cheered up because she loved cars, vets and vaccinations. :)

Happy birthday, E-litter!

Happy birthday to our E litter of GSD "puppies": Elsa, Elvi and the angel Elvi, Eino, Manteli, Swatti, Petu and Rico!


Int Dog Show in Vaasa 14.4.2013

21 Australian terriers

Judge: Valakari Paula

BOB, CACIB, CAC, BD 1, CQNemma's Zero Nine "Ruska" (Hautala Leena, Hautala Katriina, Lämsä Orvokki)

BOS, CACChiliberry's Contessa Caterina "Tessa" (Kuusiluoma Juhani, Kirsi Kjäll)

CACIB, res-CAC, CQ, BB 2Anemoneniityn Enigmatic Rose "Mandy" (Kahlos Sari, Hautala Leena, Hautala Katriina)

Excellent 2Anemoneniityn Coconut "Siru" (Hautala Leena, Hautala Katriina, Kirsi Kjäll)

Excellent 3Anemoneniityn Daurian Lily "Lilja" (Hautala Leena, Hautala Katriina, Hautala Anniina)
Contessa Caterina VSP SERT, Nemma's Zero Nine ROP CACIB SERT, tuomarina Paula Valakari
All pictures in the Finnish post and in the slide show below:
anemoneniityn's 130414KVVaasa album on Photobucket


Roosa the Best Mini 2012

Roosa was rewarded as the Best Mini size agility dog of the year in our agility club Lakeuden Kennelkerho! :)


About the Easter and the black cat

In Finnish Easter tradition, there is Easter Witches who fly in the night on broomsticks with black cat.  I guess our 13-year-old kitty Simba left us to became Easter Witch's cat. He had to be put to sleep 25.3.2013 because of urolithiasis.


Rest In Peace, Kerttu...

She was too good to be true...

Thanks for being there for us for the little while...
Our little German Shepherd baby girl "Kerttu" was put down to sleep two days ago...
She was probably having a brain tumour which caused her severe epileptic-like seizures. 
First almost 3 months everything was more than fine.
But the last week of her life was terrible. 
She had 9 seizures and they became worse each time.

We miss you so much!


Agility: Double winning Roosa!

10th March 2013 we had a trial in Ylistaro with two courses, Roosa winning them both. But not without faults. We had 2 seconds time penalty with the first course. We had weave pole fault with the second course.

Timi has retired and Rölli isn't ready for trials, so only Roosa competes in agility at the moment. I'm sad for Timi's retirement but now it's much easier: Roosa doesn't miss contacts when ever she likes and she's never too excited to stay on the starting line waiting for my permission to go.


Funny Photos created at Scrapee.net

Funny Photo created at Scrapee.net

Our Aussies received diplomas from the Australian Terrier Club Of Finland! :D

Timi and Roosa from agility and Ruska from shows.
We also celebrate the Birthday Blue-and-tans in February, again! :D

Varpu turned 3.2. 4 years, Rölli will turn 23.2. 3 years and Roosa is celebrating TODAY 10.2. her 8th b-day!