Eye examinations

Anemoneniityn Enigmatic Rose "Mandy"
Anemoneniityn Coconut "Siru"
Anemoneniityn Daurian Lily "Lilja"

= No symptoms of eye deseases


New titles for our Australian Terriers

Lilja and Varpu

New titles for our Australian Terriers earned 2nd 11/2014 Rally Obedience trial: 
Those dogs competed Advanced class for the breed championship. The winner is Onni, hopefully the future fiance of Siru, who placed 2nd. Novice class competitors:
  • Kirsi and Tessa (FI CH Chiliberry's Contessa Caterina)
  • me and Varpu (Black Back Bananarama), winner of Novice Aussies, 3rd of all Aussies
  • me and Lilja (Anemoneniityn Daurian Lily) 4th of all Aussies

Here's the videos of me and Varpu and Lilja:

The courses:

In Finland, we have 4 levels of competition, unlike UKC Rally and AKC Rally. This is the highest class.

Roosa Agility breed champion 2014

Roosa won the agility breed championship title 2014 and FINALLY qualifyid for the advanced (3rd) class! Roosa will turn 10 YEARS OLD next february, so someday she will retire with style! I'm so proud of her!

There were only 4 Australian Terriers competing for the title, photo (c) Minna Myllyperkiö
  • Petri Myllyperkiö and  CDX CD RN Tsarskoje's Jondalar "Tony" + BH CDX CD RN RA Wohvelin Arsenal "Onni"
  • me and Roosa (Somehow She's Howgirl)
  • Kirsi Kjäll and Tessa (FI CH Chiliberry's Contessa Caterina)