Breeding name for hamsters in Finland

Freely translated from the Finnish Hamster Assiociation's breeding name rules. ;) I was asked about them and decided to put it here so it can help others, too. Feel free to report any translation errors and help me to give information for the people who don't speak Finnish!
When I say "breeder" here, I mean the person who applies for a breeding name.
Pattern (teckning) = banded, dominant spot, tortoise shell etc...Breed = long haired, short haired, satin, rex
Species = syrian, campbells, winter white, roborovski and chinese
((Things told between double brackets like this are just my own thoughts!))

As a breeder you must...

* be 18 years old. Younger breeder with a good explanation.
* own at least 2 females and 1 male for each species and breed.
* be familiar with the species you breed.
* know the genetics of the colours, patterns and breeds you breed.
* must have created at least a base for your breeding work.
* plus the criterion below.

*) exceptions rex and satin:
- only 2 breeding animals must be rex or rex-carrier.
- only one animal must be a satin.
- in campbells, at least 2 must be satin or satin carrier.

You have to know at least these things about your species

* charateristics of the species (character, sociality, anatomy/structure, appearance/looks etc.)
* how to take care (how much space it needs, how to feed, take care of its nails and teeth etc.)
* sexing both at 4 weeks old and adult
* requests about breeding a litter, taking care of the litter and the mother
* the most common illnesses and nursing them (like cancer, "cage paralysis", parasites etc.)
* how to react in different situations like illness and accident
* the standard

Report of the breeding animals

* At least 3 of each species must be registrated in the SHY breeding hamster register. ((I guess it means they have to have L1 = Quality 1 from an exhibition show))
* All of the breeding hamsters must be at the breeding age
* Their colours and patterns must fit to each other, the "basic colours" should be the same if possible. ((I mean with the basic colour: like black is the basic colour of black tort&white, black banded, black dom. spot)) If you apply for several colours/patterns, you must own at least one couple with the same basic colour for each colour you breed. ((You can add them to the list easily later, so all the colours and patterns won't have to applied for at the beginning.)) Also the other breeding animals must be suitable for breeding the colour. In this requirement, SHY will pay attention to breeding of tortoiseshell and tort&white. ((Like black tort&white and yellow should fit!))

Report of your breeding work. As a breeder you must...

* explain consensually the inheritance of the colours and breeds you breed
* tell about your earlier breeding history and show results
* explain your breeging goals
* explain consensually how you are going to use the animals you have now to get closer to your goals.
* tell how your animals live.


The breeder who gets the breeding name, has already done some breeding, at least a base for her own breeding work.

It's recommendable, that as a breeder you inform the breeder list keeper about your breeding pause, so that the list will always be up to date.

We won't accept the breeding name that has been used public without a good reason.

Maintaining the breeding name

Pay the membership fee every year by the deadline. The deadline is told in the bill included to Poskipussi magazine.

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