Australian terrier Anemoneniityn Auringonkukka aka Nuppu had her health check 28.10. The results were patellas 0/0 and eyes clean. 

German shepherd Anemoneniityn Dusty Rose aka Dusty had character test 26.9. with the result 158 points!

Capacity to function +1=15p Moderate
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +3=3p Moderate without any post-attack aggressiveness
Desire for defence action +2= 2p High, controlled
Desire for fight +2=20p Moderate
Nerves +1=35p Tendency to nervousness
Temperament +3=45p High
Hardness +1=8p Tendency to softness
Accessibility +2b=30p Tendence to reserved behaviour
Reaction to shots +++ Secure to shots

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