Int Show Vaasa 9-10.4.2011

German Shepherds:
  • Judged by Anita Alatalo FIN 
  • Nata (Anemoneniityn Idän Sinililja)
  • Placed to and handled by Marissa Innanen
  • Junior class, Good
Marissa and Nata is the first couple in the line. There is only half of the junior bitches!

  • Australian Terriers 
  • Judged by Rainer Vuorinen FIN
  • Dina (Anemoneniityn Alppitähti, placed to and handled by Päivi Koski) intermediate class Excellent1
  • Ruska (Nemma's Zero Nine, handled by me) junior class Excellent1!!!!!
  • Rölli (Ålhammarens Åliver, handle by Marissa Innanen) junior class Excellent4

 Young dog with beautifull outline. Good head length. Excellent dark eyes. Good small ears. Beautifull topline. Good texture coming. Cheery behavior. Moves well but still little loose in fore legs.


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