INT SHOW weekend in Joensuu

Anemoneniityn Inkivääri aka Hugo owned by Tiia Hiltunen had a nice weekend:


Masc. wedge-like head. Well placed eyes, carries his ears well. Good expr., nice neck, good body. Exc. top and under line. Good front and rear angulation. Moves well. White spot on cheset. Judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Germany
Kuva: Joensuun KV-näyttelyissä käytiin tänään 17.5 . ♡
Open class winner with excellent, Best Dog, BOS
Big dog, with very masc. head. Good expression. Nice depth of chest. Good topline and hindquarters. A bit paddling in front. Moves quite well behind. Judge: Sirik Zafra, Israel
Open class winner with Very Good

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