Rölli in character test and agility competition

3.8.2014 was a great day for our aussie boy Rölli. He got 108 points in character test.

Ålhammarens Åliver "Rölli"
Capacity to function -1=-15p Low
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1=1p Low without post-attack aggressiveness
 Desire for defence action -1=1p Insignificant
Desire for fight +2= 20p Moderate
 Nerves +1=35p Tendency to nervousness
Temperament +1=15p Extremely high
Hardness +1=8p Tendency to softness
Accessibility +3=45p Kind, accessibile, open
Reaction to shots +++ Secure to shots
Total 108 points
 Judges + date Irene Puputti ja Heli Herranen, Ilmajoki 3.8.2014

Character test part 1, before the dark room:

Character test part 2, after the dark room:

By the afternoon, we competed in unofficial agility course for very beginners. We placed 2!!!!

And here we tried it again. :)

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